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At AlgoTraders we specialise in creating efficient ways to help you manage your money and help increase returns. Algorithms are created using computers, market data, statistics & predefined mathematical formulas. All the funds are managed with our own in-house designed algorithms combined with years of trading experience.



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Here’s Why:

Complete automation of entry & exit positions.

Years of verified successful trading history.

Enabling a reduction in transaction cost of trading.

Ultra-fast execution of large orders reducing the market impact simultaneously.

A robust and cutting edge technology at your disposal.

Minimum risk of manual errors when placing trade orders or opening trading positions.

How does it work?

 A step by step approach to how our algorithms work

A particular instance of the market in the form of data reaches our system.
The data is then forwarded to our trading strategies running inside our multiple systems.
The trading strategies then create trading signals based on analysis, filtering & processing of market data.
Upon the final approval based on the trading ignals, the final actions are executed.
Once executed the orders are sent to the respective markets or trading platforms.

Numbers speak

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What We Offer

We got options to suit all your needs

  • Commodities pf
  • Poi
  • Epsilon 9
  • Bat
  • Algo 808

Commodities PF

A set of rules that have been designed to successfully profit from the volatility of the global commodity market.


Point of Interest (POI) is a long-term strategy algorithm that is traded on daily and weekly charts.

Epsilon 9

A momentum based algorithm purely focused on the speed of the price with news analysis capability.


Using an aggressive strategy to make multiple fast and accurate calculations to decide where the price has exceeded its daily average range and by how much?

Algo 808

Algotraders 808 is a trend trading algorithm which utilizes multiple different time frames with an earning potential of 25% per annum.

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