About Us

It took over a decade for a group of five individual traders to develop a system that can enable a profitable trading experience

Who are we?

We at AlgoTraders are not mathematicians or scientists or wizards who made millions in a day. We are a group of five individual traders who come from different parts of the world bringing on board their unique style of trading. When we started trading in 2001, we had a simple motto. We aimed at making a living out of trading. With years to come, we learnt about trading and making profits through multiple strategies and countless trading hours. As time passed by we also understood how technology was being used as a necessity in trading. To put in a line, we saw the evolution of technology in trading.

The Algo trading systems

By the year 2012 and after spending over a decade in full-time trading we understood that automated trading was the future of trading. We were constantly seeing technology making a bigger mark on a day to day trading, and we didn’t want to be left behind. So we started with the development of the Algo trading systems in the year 2012 and started live trading with the systems at the beginning of 2014. In the process, we developed four systems namely POI(point of interest), Epsilon 9, Algotrades808, and the BAT. Each of these systems was the results of our combined trading experience.

What sets us apart?

“We made sure the results of each trade was available live for people to see.”

When we started out with trading systems, we never thought to make it public. The systems were developed to generate profit for us and make our trading easy and automated but as word spread and traders acknowledged our work, we had to launch it in the market. However, we wanted to build a trust among our customers, and to ensure that, we started showing the results live to everyone. Everyone who trades with us gets to see live results generated by our systems.

Currently, all our systems are 80% automated and 20% manual, with the manual part being the instances where our trading experience makes the difference.

Our Vision

With years of experience as full time traders, we understood that algorithms are taking over the trading world. With the experience that we have, we have the ability to create revolutionary systems for the trading world. So we have sailed out to become a technological leader in algo trading and always stay ahead of the market.

Our Values

Our organisation firmly revolves around the ideals of customer service and trust. We tend to act responsibly while at the same offer the best possible service to our customer base. As a trader, we look to promote integrity and ethics throughout the industry.