Algotraders 808

When a group of traders looked for a way to automate trading, little they knew that they would end up designing probably the most versatile and advanced algorithm. The AlgoTraders 808, a trend trading algorithm came into existence when a group of traders looked for a way to automate trading.

The algorithm went through a series of tests while keeping the core of the algorithm intact, to obtain fully optimized results.

Algotraders 808 is a trend trading algorithm which utilizes multiple different time frames. For a given position to qualify, the algorithm must line-up in 3 different time frames for approval to execute. A trade can only be performed if it passes all the complex roles of its trigger mechanism and algorithmic code. The money management system of Algotraders 808 is the “heart” of the algorithm and is designed in such way that it operates in low-risk scenarios only.

With a robust mechanism as its backbone, the AlgoTraders 808 is a reliable algorithm with an earning potential of 25% profit per annum while operating at minimum risk.

The AlgoTraders 808 is not only all words, but is also backed by a strong trading result which can be verified by these FX Blue reports. The report shows our strong gain percentage since 2014, supported with average monthly profit and risk since the year 2014.

FX Blue Report:

  • Gain since 2014: 119%
  • Average monthly profit since 2014: 1.87%
  • Risk since 2014 : 2.71%%

AlgoTraders performance fee on the 808 system is 12% from the profits made on the account.

The calculation of the profit is done accordingly with High-water mark principal.