POI - Point of interest

My name is James York, and I am a vital team member of the AlgoTraders group. I started out as a full-time trader and entered the equity market in 2001. Since 2001, it’s been a long journey for me and finding my way into the market was never easy. After a few years of trading, I found my first success when I chose point of interest (POI) as a way of trading.

The POI (point of interest) is a long-term strategy algorithm that is traded on daily and weekly charts. The algorithm looks for a specific price level at which some technical parameters are happening at a specific point and time.

The POI (point of interest) can be explained through the given example:
In a given trade at a particular point and time, a price can hit the Fibonacci level that is a support area and a 200-day moving average. At this given particular point and time, it is a high probability setup, and the price is likely to bounce off this level.

The POI (Point of Interest) is more complex and fast and operates on two charts simultaneously. The two charts that are the weekly chart and the five-minute chart are used for different aspects of the trade. While the weekly chart is used to identify the set-up, the five-minute chart is used to execute the trade.
The POI (Point of Interest) primarily trades on CAC 40, EURO STOXX 50, IBEX, MSCI Taiwan and other high volatility forex pairs.

The POI (Point of Interest) has a high credibility which can be verified by these FX Blue reports. The report shows our big gain percentage since 2014, supported with average monthly profit and risk since the year 2014.

FX Blue Reports:

  • Gain since 2014: 337.13%
  • Average monthly profit since 2014: 3.64%
  • Risk since 2014 : 5.26%

AlgoTraders performance fee on the POI system is 14% from the profits made on the account.

The calculation of the profit is done accordingly with High-water mark principal.