Epsilon 9

The Epsilon 9 is a momentum based algorithm purely focused on the speed of the price. It is a well-known fact that in a defined time if the price accelerates from point A to point B (point A-B are also under exact definition), the price will be very likely to reach the next resistance area.

One of the significant features of Epsilon 9 is its news analysis capability. The algorithm predicts when the key news announcements are to be released and analyses the probability of the impact.

The Epsilon 9 calculates the probability of direction based on the overall momentum which takes into consideration the news impact and then triggers a trade. The algorithm from our perspective presents the best results in AlgoTraders project.

The report shows our big gain percentage since 2014, supported with average monthly profit and risk since the year 2014.

Myfxbook report:

  • Gain since 2014: 535.45.%
  • Average monthly profit since 2014: 4.57%
  • Risk since 2014 : 7.76%

AlgoTraders performance fee on the Epsilon 9 system is 12.5% from the profits made on the account.

The calculation of the profit is done accordingly with High-water mark principal.