We designed the BAT algorithm to be the most aggressive algorithm. Even though the algorithm doesn’t run on low risk, but the rewards are pretty impressive.

When we designed the BAT, we sure knew that it would be different in many ways from the other algorithms. The algorithm has a unique story regarding its design, implementation and its making into a profit generator algorithm.

The BAT was first made to work only on the GBP/USD pair, however, despite giving multiples hours on bringing in the right formula and enable maximum optimisation, the results were not satisfactory and did not meet our expectation as a trader.

In a zeal to make BAT efficient and optimised, we tried to operate it on the European stock market. The results were astounding as we found the BAT to be working much better on the European stock market as well averaging a significant 5.58% a month for the past four years and over 100% a year.

The BAT uses an aggressive strategy to make multiple calculations in a fast and accurate to decide where the price has exceeded its daily average range and by how much? Upon deciding the price factor, the algorithm marks the given area of price as an area of interest, which is also the very first step of starting a trade.

The BAT also takes into consideration the economic news event as well as resistance levels and other conditions, upon which if all the aspects of the algorithm lines up, a trade is triggered.

The BAT is also considered very effective by other traders because of its risk management. The risk management in the algorithm is running on high margin calculations and is achieving a profit factor of 2.92, which in other terms means that for every dollar lost, It gains 2.92.

The BAT is not only an aggressive trading algorithm but is also backed by a strong trading result which can be verified by theseFX Blue reports. The report shows our big gain percentage since 2014, backed by average monthly profit and risk since the year 2014.

FX Blue Report:

  • Gain since 2014: 798.09%
  • Average monthly profit since 2014: 5.58%
  • Risk since 2014 : 38.72%

AlgoTraders performance fee on the BAT system is 17% from the profits made on the account.

The calculation of the profit is done accordingly with High-water mark principal.