Andreas Dimitriou

Founder & CEO

Andreas Dimitriou is an Entrepreneur and Software Development Expert by profession.
Andreas has been a senior project manager and has served as software architecture at multiple large financial institutions.
Andreas Dimitriou is now a full-time partner and head of Algorithmic trading at Algotraders. He carries out the implementation, operation and monitoring of trading strategies.

Dab Mehmet

CFO & Head Business Development

Dan Mehmet has a wide-ranging experience in a series of managerial and financial activities.
He was also involved in multiple turnaround activities and also held some managerial positions in finance.
Dan also coordinated post-merger activities and spent several years at many mid and senior-level positions. Since 2010, Dan has been assisting many national and international companies as consultant and interim manager in different positions such as CEO, CMO.
Dan now works at AlgoTraders as CFO and head business development.

Albert Dorin

Sales Manager

Albert Dorin has more than a decade of sales experience in financial and fintech industry and has given a significant contribution in promoting algorithmic trading solutions to fintech companies and institutions.
He currently holds the position of sales manager at Algotraders.
Albert holds a MSc in banking and financial intermediaries along with other exchange trading qualifications.

Jahar Furkan

Senior Quantitative Trading Systems Developer

With more than a decade of experience in portfolio and risk management at his disposal, Jahar Furkan is our answer to complex quantitative trading systems.
His experience covers positions ranging from proprietary trader to portfolio manager at various financial institutions.
He holds a professional risk manager designation from the professional risk managers international association.

Max Christos

Quantitative Strategy Developer

Max has spent nearly most of his life as a software developer often holding senior-level positions. While at the same time, he is known for his dedication towards the research and development of automated trading systems.
Max used to focus primarily on the application of various machine learning techniques until 2011, after which he started researching mean reversion strategies based on statistical complexities.
Max Christos holds a master in computer science/information technology.